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If we can share opinions with confidence and without arrogance, we can respect the differences. - Mike Utt

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    Two new teleplays written as Specs by Mike Utt.

    Cassiopeia - one hour sci-fi drama for television.

    Star Trek meets Louis & Clark with more realism and less fantasy as three generations find and colonize habitable Earth like planets.

    The Latchkey Ladies - one hour serial drama pilot for television.

    Breaking Bad meets Come Hell or Highwater as a group of female collegiate basketball players and former WNBA stars reunite taking drastic actions to level the playing field.

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    The Footsteps of Zeus

    feature documentary film produced, written, and directed by Mike Utt.

    • Filmmakers groundbreaking new gravity theory is shared while exploring the unknown.
    • The observation method was used for the filmmaker to reach his theory with recorded fact based evidence. The evidence recorded in this film does not exist anywhere else.

    Short documentary film produced, written, and directed by Mike Utt - It's Not a Joking Matter.

    Short documentary
    Short documentary film on climate change observed inside Glacier National Park, Montana.