Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Your Mind Is About To Be Blown

Hear my groundbreaking theory relating to physics with solid documentary evidence backing it up while I explore the unknown. How unlikely is it that a desk jockey would have figured this out? After hearing a few stories from people I admire and respect, I began to notice some signs along the side of the trail during my runs. This sparked my curiosity and I approached the topic as a skeptic as I investigated further. Soon, I became a believer with many of my own up close and personal sightings, some shared in my documentaries. I’ve been asked if I could have used more help and different equipment rather than choosing to film it all solo. There is no other way this film could have been made, it never would have happened in the same way.

The Sky's The Limit

The only limits are within your own mind.

Break through the limits you have set within your own mind, set yourself free, and live in the present moment. It’s all that we have. 

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Michael Utt

Founder & CEO

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The Faces Behind Our Success

Let me take the risks for you.

Believe In What You See

If you are like me, you can’t take someone’s word for it and you need to get out there and see it for yourself. Take my word for it, enjoy these documentaries and believe what you see with your own eyes.

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