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My early business career involved working in an office in downtown Minneapolis as a Marketing Services Coordinator for a small group of Product Development Managers. In my second year in that position, the company added over 300 new products to one of the product lines. The majority of these products were produced in Hong Kong, required an 8 month lead time and were sold at the big box retailers. This position gave me a better understanding of what it’s like to drink from a firehose.

Moving from the Marketing position into a sales position was a welcome relief.  As a creative person at heart, the new sales job was a real growth opportunity. The state of Minnesota was my sales territory for what at the time was a 30 year old NASA spin off company. The region had over 100 existing clients and during my nearly three years with the company, I added over 50 new clients. The most positive result from that experience was that it took a weakness of mine, giving presentations in front of large groups, and turned it into a strength.

After seven years doing standup, working as a background artist on the Jackie Robinson film “42”, as an extra and featured extra on the TV show “Nashville”, I have now produced a few documentaries. filmmaker

Mother Nature’s light show viewed at 2:15 AM in the morning on May 11th, 2024, Northern Lights

Michael Utt - Full Throttle - Photo - Steamboat Powder Cats
Michael Utt - In Deep - Photo - Steamboat Powder Cats
The Comedy Store - Los Angeles, CA - Photo 1
House of Comedy - Bloomington, MN
Cambridge, MN
The Comedy Store - Los Angeles, CA - Photo 2
Michael Utt - Houston Marathon 2007 Finish
Grandmas Marathon 2006