Mike Utt - Filmmaker

If we can share opinions with confidence and without arrogance, we can respect the differences. - Mike Utt

Filmmaking Photography
The Footsteps of Zeus - Feature Documentary by Michael Utt
Short documentary

Filmmaker - Michael Utt

The Footsteps of Zeus was produced while training for a 50K trail race. It's stress reducing to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life by running and hiking scenic trails while seeking the peace and solitude of mother nature. In this documentary, the filmmaker's new gravity theory is shared while exploring the unknown. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. If we can share opinions with confidence and without arrogance, we can respect the differences. This film also shows very unique footage in front of the majestic backdrop of the Grand Tetons.

It's Not a Joking Matter was produced after returning to Glacier National Park in Montana after 24 years and noticing the dramatic effects of climate change on the region.

Award Winning Documentary Films:

The Footsteps of Zeus - feature documentary

Accolade Global Film Competition - June 2020 - Award of Recognition

Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift - April 2021

Pacific Beach International Film Festival - 2020


It's Not a Joking Matter - short documentary

San Diego Shorts - Spring 2022


The Latchkey Ladies - one hour serial drama pilot for television.

This was my first screenplay. A great concept and in the process of being rewritten.

Logline - Breaking Bad meets Come Hell or Highwater as a group of female college basketball players and former WNBA stars

reunite taking drastic action to level the playing field.


Cassiopeia - one hour sci-fi drama pilot for television.

Dedicated to my father, Walter Kenneth Utt, an aeronautical engineer who once had an article published in the Planetary Society

magazine regarding the interstellar human exploration of habitable Earth like planets.

Logline - Star Trek meets Louis & Clark with more realism and less fantasy as three generations find and colonize habitable Earth like